Wholesale Farm Equipment, Haiti

With no working capital, farmers struggle with upgrading equipment. One of the first things we did at Kok ki Chante was to help farmer owned co-ops invest in better equipment. Now KKC wholesales farm equipment in Haiti for coffee, rice, cacao and other grains. Have a need? Contact us. We’re the exclusive distributor / distributeur exclusif of J.M. Estrada — a Colombian powerhouse serving farmers since 1865. We’ll set up a visit to our showroom in Croix des Bouquets.

Kok Ki Chante supplies and trains in processing equipment. Our equipment allows significant reductions in water and energy usage, resulting in increased value. We also organize / deliver organic fertilizers and help start seeding nurseries.

Multi-use Grinder for Sale

This industrial grinder / Moulin Industriel is a powerhouse — multiple settings for coffee, corn, rice, peanut, breadfruit, etc.
Electric or gasoline engines

KKC wholesales farm equipment in Haiti: coffee, rice, cacao and other grains.  Jute sacks & grainpro too.  Contact us to visit our showroom.

Electric or Diesel Rice Huller

Dehull rice quickly and efficiently with KKC’s Décortiqueuses Riz / Rice Huller.

Diesel Generator for Sale

KKC’s diesel generators / Génératrices Diesel are made in India — long lasting beasts of industry. 10 KW or 5 KW

Hand Pulping Machine for Coffee

Depulp coffee cherries quickly and efficiently with KKC’s hand depulper / Dépulpeurs Café.

Manuel 2-3/4 & other sizes

Eco Coffee Pulper for Sale

Depulp coffee cherries rapidly with our Dépulpeurs Café Ecoplus. Gas powered / moteur gasoline. Purchase optional stainless steel basins — help to begin fermentation process easily.

Electric Coffee Huller

Dehull coffee quickly and efficiently with KKC’s Décortiqueuses Café / coffee huller.

Grainpro Liners

GrainPro helps to retains taste, color, and aroma of stored seeds including coffee, corn/maize, rice and other grains. Our giant bags have a heavy zipper closure to prevent moister loss or intrusion. Once closed, pests who have already infiltrated grain quickly suffocate (prevents loss). 132 pounds of coffee fit in this liner; 120 pounds of cacao. Useful for rice and corn too.

Jute Sacks in Haiti

Plain, heavy duty jute sacks are ready for your logo/brand. Holds 132 pounds of green coffee or 120 pounds of raw cacao. Use in tandem with our grainpro liner.

Fertilizer / Organic Inputs

We help coordinate bulk purchases of organic inputs on behalf of farmers. For example, we’ve organized and delivered truckloads of chicken poop to Thiotte for distribution at small farms. We offer training in input application too.

Coffee Seedlings

We’ve helped farmers to plant tens of thousands of coffee seedlings across Haiti. We offer consulting services to help farmers grow the best #haitiancoffee. Read more about our technical consultation.

Seedling Nursery Set Up:

  • Training in nursery management
  • Recommendation of seed varieties
  • Planting techniques
  • Materials and equipment supplies

Contact us if you’d like to purchase farm processing equipment or need consultation services in Haiti. We’ll schedule a visit to our showroom and discuss your needs.