Roasting Farmers’ Coffee in Haiti

We’re Kok ki Chante, and we’ve been building in-roads on behalf of our farmer partners for years with our sister marketing company Singing Along with helping to grow and then process better coffee, we launched a coffee roasting operation near Port au Prince. We use proceeds from roasted coffee sales to build better business in Haiti — including regenerating coffee fields (we’ve planted tens of thousand of income-providing coffee trees for over a decade – Join us).

Bright colorful packaging is charming.

Need a wholesale account for farm-direct roasted coffee in Haiti? Contact us. When farmers reap benefits of transformed crops, they win. We package our farm direct roasted coffee in our sister company’s bag: Singing Rooster (your customers will like it).

Wholesale Haitian Coffee in Haiti

If you have a store, shop or organization on the ground in Haiti & want to serve farm-direct Haitian coffee at your guesthouse, clinic, store, facility, let us know. We have 3 roasts: medium dark, dark and hazelnut (special order when available). Our coffee is available whole bean or ground and comes in colorful Singing Rooster bags with degassing valves (other brands of Haitian coffee are often missing the valve – that means coffee went into the bag already degassed/old). Haitian coffee makes the PERFECT take-home gift. Contact our roastery in Croix des Bouquets, we’ll help you create a wholesale account: I want a wholesale coffee account in Haiti.

Free marketing posters + brochures helps tell the story to customers

What makes our roasted coffee special:

  • Our coffee is 100% HAITIAN arabica (some coffee companies in Haiti import coffee from other countries! We invest in local farmers)
  • We roast carefully so it’s not over roasted
  • We support farmers and help them build better businesses
  • Our free marketing materials help you tell the story to your customers
  • Proceeds help to reforest Haiti with income-providing coffee trees
  • We work on the ground with our Haitian partners to improve product, assist with business management and provide pre-harvest financing
  • We pay well above Fair Trade prices
  • Quality packaging with a valve and zip closure is awesome

Want just a bag? Buy Singing Rooster Haitian coffee in Haiti here:

  • Caribbean Market
  • Haiti Design Co-op Cafe
  • Papillion
  • Haiti Communitere Guesthouse
  • Matthew 25 Guesthouse
  • PaP Airport (upstairs)
  • Boutique at Karibe Hôtel
  • GIANT PV Supermarket
  • EAGLE Supermarket
  • Stop and Go Supermarket
  • Belmart Market
  • Gift shop at Marriott Hotel
  • 2nd Story Goods Gift Shop
  • Deux Mains
  • Lakou Lakay Gift Shop
  • Agape to the Nations
  • Ti Kokoye
  • House of Hope Guesthouse
  • many, many more

Follow Kok ki Chante on instagram – and tell others about our work! Haitian coffee farmers reap benefits when coffee crops are transformed to roasted coffee. Join us. #singinginrooster #yourcupmatters #roastedhaiticoffee #kafekokla