Adding Value on Father’s Day

Roasting the farmer's coffee in Haiti, KKC

We’re Kok ki Chante, and we’ve been building in-roads on behalf of our farmer partners for years with our sister marketing company Singing Along with helping to grow and then process better coffee, we launched a coffee roasting operation near Port au Prince. We use proceeds from roasted coffee sales to build better business in Haiti — including regenerating coffee fields (we’ve planted tens of thousand of income-providing coffee trees for over a decade – Join us).

Need a wholesale account for farm-direct roasted coffee in Haiti? Contact us. When farmers reap benefits of transformed crops, they win. We package our farm direct roasted coffee in our sister company’s bag: Singing Rooster (your customers will like it). Learn more about our wholesale roasted coffee in Haiti (near Port au Prince).

Meet Fedner Exantus

Fedner has been with Kok ki Chante since our inception. He’s smart. He’s dedicated. And he needed to roast coffee for a major client over Father’s Day weekend. What to do? Bring along Fedgie & Sarah and show them that by transforming the farmers’ coffee into roasted coffee earns farmers more. Building jobs for Haiti’s future workforce is essential. We’re doing our part.

Follow Kok ki Chante on instagram – and tell others about our work! Because #yourcupmatters and #haitiancoffee is the best! Haitian coffee farmers reap benefits when coffee crops are transformed to roasted coffee. Join us. Buy #singinginrooster coffee in Haiti. Here’s where to buy Singing Rooster coffee in Haiti –>