Haitian Coffee & Cacao Consulting

Kok ki Chante (KKC) began in 2009 as a technical service arm for our marketing partner, Singing Rooster (a social enterprise nonprofit in the U.S. who opens markets for farmers — like roasted Haitian coffee & chocolate bars). Kok ki Chante S.A. was established in 2014 as a Haitian corporation based on the Yunus social enterprise model. KKC has offices and a warehouse in Croix des Bouquets, has five full-time employees as well as thirty seasonal employees. We have internship opportunities for students if the fit is right.

Across the years, KKC has developed capacity to support farmers’ coffee and cocoa associations to include technical support services in harvest depulping centers (quality management and accounting), bulk purchases of inputs, access to technology, final processing of the product for export, export, and introducing farmers to necessary markets / buyers. We offer comprehensive consulting services across a wide-range of areas in coffee and cacao.

Coffee Seedling Nursery Set Up

We’ve helped farmers to plant tens of thousands of coffee seedlings across Haiti. We offer consulting services to help farmers grow the best #haitiancoffee.

  • Training in nursery management
  • Recommendation of seed varieties
  • Planting techniques, advice
  • Materials / equipment supplies

Fertilizer / Organic Inputs

We help coordinate bulk purchases of organic inputs on behalf of farmers. For example, we’ve organized and delivered truckloads of chicken poop to Thiotte for distribution at small farms. We offer training in input application too.

Harvest Management

We provide training then weekly monitoring of the quantities and quality of coffee processed at association centers. We train local harvest mangers to detect problems quickly and adjust procedures accordingly. They pass the knowledge down to individual farmers.

Moreover, we offer monthly inspections to coffee association depulping centers throughout the harvest (September to April). In between visits, our staff is available by phone to troubleshoot immediate issues.

Our accounting training for those in charge of the depulping centers is instrumental for co-ops to begin reserving their own working capital (something we talk about a lot — we set co-ops up with local bank accounts at Fonkoze).

Final Transformation

Kok Ki Chante’s warehouse in Croix des Bouquets is equipped to perform the final treatment of “parche” coffee:

  • drying
  • hulling
  • hand sorting
  • bagging into grainpro then jute
  • loading container
  • export

Opening Markets

Kok Ki Chante helps connect farmers to international markets. We maintain commercial relationships with a large number of international coffee and cocoa buyers, mainly in the United States and Canada.

Wholesale Equipment

We wholesale farm equipment: generators, deplupers, hullers, grinders and more. See details here –>


Kok Ki Chante owns a farmer-centered roasting operation. We roast, package and distribute the farmers’ coffee under our sister company’s brand, Singing Rooster. You can find our roasted coffee in several supermarkets and guest houses across Haiti. Need a wholesale coffee account? Contact us: I want a wholesale coffee account in Haiti. Looking for roasted Haitian coffee in the U.S. –> check out Singing Rooster.org (we love them).

Follow Kok ki Chante on instagram – and tell others about our work! Haitian coffee farmers reap benefits when coffee crops are transformed to roasted coffee. Join us. #singinginrooster #yourcupmatters #roastedhaiticoffee #kafekokla