Reforesting Haiti with income-providing coffee trees.
We work in partnership with small producers. We help regenerate fields with coffee.

For our farmer partners, KKC organizes pre-harvest financing and provides technical support for renovating fields.  We’ve helped farmers to plant hundreds of thousands of new coffee trees, and our experimental farm trains in farming innovation.  We are a model farm direct coffee.

With our quality control team working with farmer-owned co-ops through every step of production, we ensure excellence consistently.  Moreover, our sister company, Singing (a U.S. based social enterprise nonprofit) helps us reach new markets, guarantee purchases, and organizes origin trips to Haiti’s coffee mecca – Thiotte (a fantastic experience).

From micro lots to full containers, our close relationships with small producers at origin allows us to provide you with unique coffees reliably and consistently.

Transparency is an important element in all transactions through KKC. Our relationships with farmers means we know what each farmer is paid for their coffee. Working with initiatives like iFinca we are able to provide a direct connection from consumer to farmer.

We’d like to become your export partner of Haitian green coffee. Contact us today.