The Farmers’ Partner

Haiti has been growing coffee for centuries.  Kok ki Chante (KKC) is dedicated to sourcing and exporting specialty, single origin coffee from smallholder co-ops.  We directly support our farmer partners and connect clients with producers via transparency and an integrated supply chain (we invite you to visit Haiti’s coffee lands through our sister company Singing Rooster — a social enterprise nonprofit based in the U.S.)

Many international buyers value direct sourcing; through our network, we make connections and facilitate logistics, quality control, host buyers, and provide a number of other services.

Kok ki Chante is focused on investing in and directly supporting small producers across Haiti. We’ve been working side-by-side with farmers for over a decade, we know their farms and coffees well.  We are Haiti’s leading exporter of farm-direct coffee.  We want to become your number one green coffee sourcer / exporter from Haiti.  Contact us today.