All Haitian Coffee Sectors

From Dondon to the Cahos, from Baptist to Beaumont, and especially Haiti’s coffee mecca of Thiotte — Kok ki Chante (KKC) delivers management capacity, financial resources, record keeping and agronomic technical support to 9 farmer-owned networks across all major coffee sectors in Haiti. These collectives represent 30 coffee-cooperatives / over 10,000 small holder farmers.   More than that, we are the farmers’ dry mill / secondary processor.  This means we know every bean that goes into each sack (grain pro lined).

Supporting & sourcing coffee from every major sector in Haiti

Our producer partners offer unique coffees with a range of varieties.  We provide direct access to containers of excellent coffees, and we help our clients to be actively involved and educated about our suppliers, production and the complexities at origin.  Our coffee is organic by default, and we’re working towards certification. Learn more about our current specialty Haitian coffee offerings.

We’d like to become your export partner of Haitian green coffee. Contact us today.