Wholesale Singing Rooster coffee now in Haiti  


Wholesale Farm-Direct Haitian Coffee Now Roasted in Haiti

Kok ki Chante S.A. is a social enterprise in Haiti and is the sister company of U.S. based SingingRooster.org

When we heard people were buying Singing Rooster’s coffee in the U.S. and LUGGING it BACK to Haiti – we laughed!

Then we got busy and started roasting in Haiti. Why? There is significant demand for coffee domestically & the idea that farmers may reap benefits of crops IN Haiti? That's the cream on the top.

We’re just starting – so you’ll understand our growing pains.

Haitian coffee is a great way to raise money, funds for your cause

If you have an organization on the ground in Haiti & want to serve farm-direct Haitian coffee at your guesthouse, clinic, store, facility, let us know.

You'll buy 24, 12-ounce bags of coffee wholesale to retail to visitors. Haitian coffee makes the PERFECT take-home gift.

Contact Ismale, he’ll help you create a wholesale account.

Retail coffee to your guests -- it's the perfect take-home gift.

What makes our coffee special:

  • our coffee is washed 100% HAITIAN arabica
  • We roast carefully so it's not over roasted
  • We support farmers and help them build better businesses; our free marketing materials help you tell the story
  • We use our own proceeds to reforest Haiti with income-providing trees

Buy Singing Rooster Haitian coffee in Haiti


how to raise money with coffee in Haiti

We work on the ground with our Haitian partners to improve product, assist with business management and provide preharvest financing.

And we pay well above Fair Trade prices.

Details on Singing Rooster's work with Haitian coffee farmers.

Our coffee is 100% Arabica and wet processed. Varietals are Arabica typica and Arabica blue mountain --grown from the same plant & in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue coffee - but at a fraction of the price.

Where to buy Singing Rooster Haitian coffee in Haiti:

• Caribbean Market
• Haiti Design Co-op Cafe
• Papillion Enterprise
• Haiti Communitere Guesthouse
• Matthew 25 Guesthouse
• Haiti Made Cafe (Christianville)
• PaP Airport (upstairs)
• Boutique at Karibe Hôtel
• GIANT PV Supermarket - Delma
• EAGLE Supermarket
• Stop and Go Supermarket
• Belmart Market
• Gift shop at Marriott Hotel
• 2nd Story Goods Gift Shop
• Deux Mains
• Lakou Lakay Gift Shop
• Agape to the Nations
• Ti Kokoye
• House of Hope Guesthouse
• many, many more!